Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I am sooooo excited!!!

Do you want to know why I am so excited? That picture above shows why I am excited. I am started a soap making business and yesterday I applied for my very own name!!!! I cannot wait for the big reveal that is coming up to the name of my business but you will just have to wait until it gets approved. Are you excited? I know I am excited!!

Short post today but I wanted to let everyone in on my good news. Now I need to go get ready for a meeting at church. Have a blessed day everyone!!


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Braden's Hill

 This is a picture of my husband and our grandson at the bottom of what is lovingly called and named Braden's Hill. They remind me so much of what the relationship between my son and my own grandfather was like. I do not know whose idea it was to name the hill but our grandson thinks it is awesome. I love how close they have become. Braden spends every other weekend with us and gets to experience the country life.

 Doug always makes time to take him for rides on the tractor and other fun stuff for him. He has even ridden on a camel with him!! Mimi was a chicken!
This year we were blessed that Braden was with us on Mother's Day morning and he got to help Doug make my annual Mother's Day breakfast which was really nice because this was the first year that neither of my children live at home and they were unable to be here to help make it. Having our grandson here helped make it just as special.
I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about a couple of my favorite guys. Pretty soon our youngest grandson will be old enough to spend the weekends and we will be making lots of special memories with him also. You just dont understand how much you can love a child that you did not give birth to until you are a grandparent. There is something special about the love you have for your child's child. It is a wonderful and amazing blessing from God.

Have a blessed day!!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I am back!!!

      You will be happy to know (or at least I hope it will make you happy) that I am back!! Hopefully with a new and improved more interesting to read blog. *insert lots of cheering here*
      This sure has been the summer of surgeries for me. In April I had to have a hysterectomy and if that wasn't bad enough somehow I tore my bicep and had to get shoulder surgery in June. While they were in there they decided to remove some bursitis and bone spurs. I am finally healing up nicely and I am feeling back to my old self. My sister decided not to let me have all of the attention so she decided to have a couple places in her spine fused and her gall bladder removed. She always did hate when I got all of the attention. *snickers* Just kidding Val I pray that you are feeling lots better and we can attend vendor shows together again.
Speaking of vendor shows. Last weekend I tried to sell some of my crocheted items at a vendor table during the Italian festival in Weirton. Sadly my sister was not able to attend with me and I did not sell anything but the experience was nice. I have thought of a few things I need to do that might help me sell more. I will update you all on them after I see how well they work out.
  I of course have some updates on the farm! The goats have been supplying us with plenty of milk. The picture on the left is milk I am freezing so that I can make some more goat milk soap (right). The picture below is of yogurt that I made from some of our fresh goat milk. It is delicous with berries and honey. I also sell my goat milk soap for $5 per bar. It is fantastic. We love using it.

      Zucchini season seems to be about over here on the farm but we did get plenty. We sold some and I made zucchini relish. I love zucchini relish. My husband on the other hand is not to crazy about it but he does love fried zucchini so I have been making that for him. This is the first year that I felt we had the amount of zucchini under control and was not to overrun with it. At least not too bad.

Last for today but definitely not least, our bees did not do as well as we had hoped they would. We lost a hive over the winter and we still have a weak hive but we did catch a swarm this summer so we are back up to three hives. We are praying that the weak hive makes a queen and the hive gets strong enough to make it through the winter. Here is a little bit of the honey we got this year.

      Because I was laid up so much from surgeries my husband had to do the beekeeping over this summer. Here is a picture of his awesomeness that I took since I could not be up at the hives. He is a great guy and I feel so blessed that he is mine.

I have plenty more to update you on from my time away but I will save that for another post. Have a blessed day everyone!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

new additions

This winter it feels like one of us is always sick. First Doug had it, then I had it, now Doug has it again.  I really hope I do not get it again. It is one gift that I do not want.

Here is a picture of what we thought were Henry and his ladies but to our surprise one of his ladies is turning out to be a guy. Can you guess which one? He is definitely beginning to look like a Tom now. Oh well, surprises can be fun.

Meet my crocheting buddy Evelyn. She is very lucky that she is adorable because she can be mighty annoying. She loves to walk behind my head while I am sitting in the recliner around to my shoulder and get right into my face. I guess I am not paying enough attention to her. She is my daughter's kitten but when Caitlyn is not at home Evelyn decides I am the next best thing.

Now meet Sox (black) and Betsy. Betsy was only with us a short time before she developed a respiratory infection and died but she was a special kitten. My daughter loved her so much and was so upset when she passed. She was a very spoiled kitten and had a great life while she was with us and she will be missed. Sox is my kitten. She loves to have attention but she also seems to know when to stay away. She definitely is my kitten.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our new additions on the farm. Have a blessed day!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend and no sugar update

Every other weekend our oldest grandson comes and stays with us. This little boy definitely has us wrapped around his finger. I thought by the time I hit my 40s I would have experienced all of the different kinds of love that God has blessed us with but I was wrong. The kind of love that a grandparent has for a grandchild, the baby of your baby, is a very special kind of love. It always amazes me all of the gifts that God has to offer us and the pure love that I see in my grandson's eyes when he is telling me I am his best friend is a gift that I cherish.
He is so much fun. We always go down to my mom and grandma's house while he is visiting so he can get some time with them. He loves riding his jeep down. Above is a picture of where he parks it. He can be so silly.
He also likes to help around the farm. This weekend we cured my meat smoker. He thought it was so cool building a fire inside of it. He is very good about listening to us while working and stayed away after it got hot.

Here is a picture of "his ducks" after he filled their pool for them. They love clean water. They are enjoying the little bit of time they have left before it gets too cold and their water freezes for the winter.
And his absolute favorite thing to do while he is here is to drive the tractor with grandad!

Update on no sugar experiment: After going without any sugar for a week I decided that I was better off with limiting sugar. I eat very little processed sugar now but I do not stress myself out trying not to eat any. Sugar is added to so many things now that I would not have expected that I decided the best way for me was to limit my sugar.

Have a blessed day!!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our amazing summer in pictures

 We had a great summer! It was very full of activities and fun, I hope to have an even better summer next year.
                                We of course had to feed the chickens.
                                                   Play with snakes.
 Was so excited for apple season. Got my apple butter and apple chips done.

 Learned how to make sauerkraut. It is so easy and tastes soooo good. I will                                             never go back to store bought again.
                       I am still in the process of getting this deer hide tanned.
                                                Expanded the orchard.
                           Got early Christmas present from our daughter.
                                               Went to a tractor show.
                 Received beautiful surprises. These were from my daughter.
                             Bought a couple heritage bronze turkeys.
                                                     Fun at the fair.
                                            Learned some of our history.
                                        Went to the renaissance festival.
                                               Learned about the past.
                                                       Rode a camel.
                                                        Fed giraffes.
                                                    Bought a tractor.
                                                    Planted flowers.
                              Made some improvements around the farm.
                              Got beautiful delicious honey from the bees.
                                                 Kept the dogs clean.
                                    Walked the cow. Doesn't everyone?
                                              Bought 2 calves to raise.
                                                         Baby goats!!
                                                   Science center.

I hope you enjoyed seeing about our summer. Have a blessed day!!