Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP garden 2012

Here is a picture of my garden in it's early days. Wasnt it beautiful, I worked hours upon hours keeping it weed free and dreaming about all the wonderful produce it would be giving me. I could already taste all that homegrown real veggies, not the fake stuff you get at Wal Mart. I will give my garden credit, it did do wonderful for the amount of rain we got but because of lack of rain and lack of water in our well it just up and died on me!! I have come to the conclusion that you do not have to do a darn thing for green beans to survive. I got tons and tons of them, so that will be our main veggie this winter. The peppers and potatoes are also thriving but the tomatoes are another story. They did really well for awhile and I was getting beautiful tomatoes each day. It was wonderful going out each day and picking those red fruit. Yeppers, I know that they are a fruit. Did you? *wink* But as the sun got hotter and the rain got less they slowly stopped producing as much fruit and one day they literally fell over and died. The falling over might have been because when I was making my trellis for them I not so wisely used yarn. Just in case you get the idea to use yarn, it is not the best idea I have ever had. When it did actually rain the yarn stretched and weakened so the weight of the plants knocked it down. Oh well, you live and learn. This past weekend I went through and pulled up all the tomato plants since they passed away. My zucchini and watermelon did ok and I actually got an edible cantalope this year but my cucumbers is another sad story. The deer that I love watching at the bottom of my yard eating apples that fall to the ground decided it would be great fun to eat the cucumber plants in my garden, they also ate the zucchini plants but I think that they are indestructible because after I made it so the deer couldnt get in the zucchini seemed to heal itself but the cucumbers gave up the fight. They died before they even had a chance to get started but one silver lining on this dark cloud is that I found out that we all really like zucchini pickles!! Yum yum yum!! I hope you enjoyed my garden story and that everyone has good garden stories to tell, have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!


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