Sunday, January 22, 2017

new additions

This winter it feels like one of us is always sick. First Doug had it, then I had it, now Doug has it again.  I really hope I do not get it again. It is one gift that I do not want.

Here is a picture of what we thought were Henry and his ladies but to our surprise one of his ladies is turning out to be a guy. Can you guess which one? He is definitely beginning to look like a Tom now. Oh well, surprises can be fun.

Meet my crocheting buddy Evelyn. She is very lucky that she is adorable because she can be mighty annoying. She loves to walk behind my head while I am sitting in the recliner around to my shoulder and get right into my face. I guess I am not paying enough attention to her. She is my daughter's kitten but when Caitlyn is not at home Evelyn decides I am the next best thing.

Now meet Sox (black) and Betsy. Betsy was only with us a short time before she developed a respiratory infection and died but she was a special kitten. My daughter loved her so much and was so upset when she passed. She was a very spoiled kitten and had a great life while she was with us and she will be missed. Sox is my kitten. She loves to have attention but she also seems to know when to stay away. She definitely is my kitten.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our new additions on the farm. Have a blessed day!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend and no sugar update

Every other weekend our oldest grandson comes and stays with us. This little boy definitely has us wrapped around his finger. I thought by the time I hit my 40s I would have experienced all of the different kinds of love that God has blessed us with but I was wrong. The kind of love that a grandparent has for a grandchild, the baby of your baby, is a very special kind of love. It always amazes me all of the gifts that God has to offer us and the pure love that I see in my grandson's eyes when he is telling me I am his best friend is a gift that I cherish.
He is so much fun. We always go down to my mom and grandma's house while he is visiting so he can get some time with them. He loves riding his jeep down. Above is a picture of where he parks it. He can be so silly.
He also likes to help around the farm. This weekend we cured my meat smoker. He thought it was so cool building a fire inside of it. He is very good about listening to us while working and stayed away after it got hot.

Here is a picture of "his ducks" after he filled their pool for them. They love clean water. They are enjoying the little bit of time they have left before it gets too cold and their water freezes for the winter.
And his absolute favorite thing to do while he is here is to drive the tractor with grandad!

Update on no sugar experiment: After going without any sugar for a week I decided that I was better off with limiting sugar. I eat very little processed sugar now but I do not stress myself out trying not to eat any. Sugar is added to so many things now that I would not have expected that I decided the best way for me was to limit my sugar.

Have a blessed day!!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our amazing summer in pictures

 We had a great summer! It was very full of activities and fun, I hope to have an even better summer next year.
                                We of course had to feed the chickens.
                                                   Play with snakes.
 Was so excited for apple season. Got my apple butter and apple chips done.

 Learned how to make sauerkraut. It is so easy and tastes soooo good. I will                                             never go back to store bought again.
                       I am still in the process of getting this deer hide tanned.
                                                Expanded the orchard.
                           Got early Christmas present from our daughter.
                                               Went to a tractor show.
                 Received beautiful surprises. These were from my daughter.
                             Bought a couple heritage bronze turkeys.
                                                     Fun at the fair.
                                            Learned some of our history.
                                        Went to the renaissance festival.
                                               Learned about the past.
                                                       Rode a camel.
                                                        Fed giraffes.
                                                    Bought a tractor.
                                                    Planted flowers.
                              Made some improvements around the farm.
                              Got beautiful delicious honey from the bees.
                                                 Kept the dogs clean.
                                    Walked the cow. Doesn't everyone?
                                              Bought 2 calves to raise.
                                                         Baby goats!!
                                                   Science center.

I hope you enjoyed seeing about our summer. Have a blessed day!!


Friday, September 2, 2016

Where Hope Prevails


This time I got to review a book by my favorite author Janette Oke! I was so excited to be given the opportunity to read and review a book written by her and her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan. I once again was not disappointed! "Where Hope Prevails" is a companion story to the television series "When Calls The Heart. Since I also watch that series I was doubly excited to read this book. "Where Hope Prevails" continues the love story between school teacher, Elizabeth Thatcher and her Mountie, Jarrick (Jack) Thornton and the lives of their friends from Coal Valley. There are a few differences between the book and the television series but there are enough similairties that I could picture the faces of the actors while reading the book. Even if you have never watched the "When Calls The Heart" series I believe you will still enjoy "Where Hope Prevails".

Have a blessed day!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

What?! No sugar?!

Last night I was watching a show called "Sugarfree Farm". It was about 6 people who stayed at an organic farm for 2 weeks and cut sugar completely out of their diet for the first week including fruit and then the second week they cut all sugar out of their diets but were now allowed to have fruit. The show got me to thinking about how much sugar I consume and how much I am addicted to it. So, I decided to go on my own adventure with it. I have decided that for 6 days each week for at least 2 weeks I will cut out all processed sugar but I will still use small amounts of natural sugars like honey and I will be eating fruit. On the 7th day that week I will allow myself a small amount of sugar. Hoping that by the end of the 2 weeks I will not want the small treat. I am also hoping that after 2 weeks I will continue on this journey forever. I will not be using white flour during this time either because your body processes that into sugar. I will be coming here every day or two to update you on how I am feeling. I will share the highs and the lows. I would love to have others join me on this adventure. If you would like to join me then please let me know in the comments section and also share how you are feeling during the 2 weeks. I also would love for others to share their sugar free recipes. The only rules I have are that it cannot have processed sugar in it or artificial sweeteners. Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No Way Up (book review)

The first thing I want to say about this book is that I enjoyed it so much and was so caught up in it that I read the whole thing in 2 days. If I wasn't such a responsible adult and made sure I took care of the things that needed done on the farm then I could have had it read in 1 but I forced myself away to do things like feed the animals and the humans.

     Chance Boden, the owner of Cimmaron Ranch is in what first appears to be an accident involving an avalanche. Thankfully he is saved by the quick actions of ranch hand, Heath Kincaid. While Chance is away recovering in the hospital he insists that his 3 grown children, Justin, Sadie and Cole carry out the terms of his will. They are all 3 to live and work on the family ranch for a year. If they do not then the ranch will go to a relative they all despise. After Heath learns that the avalanche was not an accident he works with the siblings to get to the bottom of who is behind the attack. Heath and the family get closer especially him and Sadie. The interaction between siblings and the protectiveness of the brothers really made this story touching to me along with the suspense and I would read it again. I hope you will read this book and let me know in the comments what you thought of it.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wanna read a good book?

If you want to read a good book and I do not know why anyone would not want to read a good book then "A Haven on Orchard Lane" written by Lawana Blackwell is just the book you are looking for.

     "A Haven on Orchard Lane" is about a neglected wife/actress named Charlotte who is trying to get her career started again only to suffer an embarrassing setback that could ruin her career. She finds help from someone who she least expects to help her. Her estranged daughter Rosalind. Together they travel to a quiet coastal village where they find privacy, new relationships, good friends and a chance to work on their mother/daughter relationship.
     "A Haven on Orchard Lane" is a delightful book to read. It has a very interesting storyline. The author was able to make me feel a part of the characters lives. If you are looking for a good book that has some humor, suspense and romance and does not have unnecessary foul language or inappropriate scenes then I strongly recommend "A Haven on Orchard Lane".

Have a blessed weekend!