Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First new baby of the year!

This is a picture of my first new baby this year. He is a buckling and he is the son of Joy. She is a nubian/boer cross and the sire is almost full boer so he is about 73% boer as an estimated guess. I dont know the percentage of his mom so I am just guessing. I named him Bardock after a character on my son's favorite tv show, Dragonball Z. This was the quickest birth I have ever had any of my goats give. I was checking on her every hour because her ligaments were gone and I was waiting for discharge from her to put her in the birthing stall. I decided to check on her after lunch before I did the dishes and when I went out to the barn she was happily cleaning off a tiny white buckling. I think he is a keeper because I am in need of a new buck and I am trying not to buy anymore goats.

 These 2 cuties are my last babies of 2012. They will be 4 months old on Friday. The cutie on the top is named Moo because the girls thought she looked like a calf when she was born and the bottom one's name is Precious. They are the kids of Cheddar Fry and Champ. As you can tell from the picture of Precious they are very well fed, lol.
Yesterday ended up being a good day which was nice because lately I have been feeling kind of down in the dumps. Not only did we get a new baby goat but my husband also got a raise. Woo hoo!!!


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