Friday, February 27, 2015



If anyone would ask me right now how I am feeling my answer would be a resounding COLD! This has been a rough winter for us. We have dealt with frozen bathtub drains, frozen hot water faucets in the kitchen and I have to heat water to do dishes along with frozen water for the animals that has to be swapped out with warm water a few times a day. Winter on the farm is hard but I would not change my life for anything. Being tired after a hard day of working outside is a good kind of tired that makes me feel good deep down inside. I am anxiously awaiting spring though and anticipating the joy of my garden, new babies and the warmth of the sun. Below are some pictures of one of the things I am doing this winter. My best friend and I decided to try our hands at making Deer tallow soap and it was a huge success! The bars will be ready to use in about a week and I will be sharing again to let you know how much we like it.

                                  Melting down the oils for the soap, the tallow
smelled so much better this time then it did when I was cooking down the fat.
                                 My bosom friend stirring the soap for a bit
                                   patiently waiting for it to reach trace.
                                      The soap is in the molds, yay! 

I pray that you all are having a blessed day and are staying warm! God bless each and everyone of you.


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