Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Today was a beautiful day and I got to enjoy it. It was so nice seeing the sun out and the temperature warm.

I spent the morning playing with my 19 month old niece. Here are a couple pictures of her playing in the dandelions. Isn't she a cutie? She also helped me feed and water the rabbits and chickens. She is such a good helper, she carried buckets for me and she was even able to carry the 2 liter bottle of water out to the rabbit pen.

After the little cutie went home I cleaned up the living room. I am trying to thoroughly clean the trailer by doing one room a day. I do not know how I let the place get to be such a mess. I also got to spend some time in the garden. I hoed the weeds out of the flower bed or herb garden, I haven't decided which I am going to plant there. I also planted potatoes and had to transplant 2 of my rosebushes because they just happened to be in the spot that they have to put the well. I think they are putting it there because they are men and do not realize the importance of beautiful roses. I decided though that having a good well and water all year long is much more important then keeping my roses there. I just hope that they survive my transplanting them.

The animals around here are doing great. We will be butchering some rabbits this weekend and moving around the other ones. With all of the babies my pens are getting a little crowded so this weekend everyone is, in the words of George Jefferson, moving on up!!

I opened a jar of the pork and beans I canned the other day for lunch today so that I can see how they taste before I can anymore and they were good! I will definitely be canning more of them.

My chicks are getting so big! I can no longer feed them out of my hands without gloves on because they bite me while they are getting the food. I think I will definitely be getting more cornish rocks for meat. They grow fast. I haven't lost any either and I have read that they have  30% death rate. Hopefully mine survive.

It is time for NCIS so I am going to sign off now. Blessings to you all!!


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