Monday, June 3, 2013

House Pig!!

This is Miss Piggie, she is my daughter Caitlyn's pet. Caitlyn had wanted a pig for about 6 years now but we were unable to get her one and then finally we were able to. I will never forget the day we told her we were getting Miss Piggie. My sister  printed some pictures out of some Juliana/potbelly pigs that were for sale and when Caitlyn came home from school I was sitting on the couch looking at the pictures. When Caitlyn came in I showed her the pictures because it was not strange for me to show her pictures of pigs. She collects everything she can find that has pigs on it and showing her cute pictures of piglets was not uncommon. While she was sitting there looking at the pics I asked her which piglet she thought was the cutest and she picked one out and I said "Do you want to go get it when it is old enough?". I thought she was going to pass out, it took a few seconds for it to sink in but when it did she was soooo happy. That was one of the best days I have had ever, making my child so happy is one of the joys in life. We have now had Miss Piggie for almost a month and her and Caitlyn are becoming fast friends. Miss Piggie follows Caitlyn around and will run to catch up with her if Caitlyn leaves the room. It is still a little strange having a pig in the house but seeing Caitlyn this happy makes it worth it.

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