Friday, July 5, 2013

Thinking about Christmas in July and toolboxes

It is that time of year again! Time to start making Christmas presents! It is so much fun to make them and see how much people appreciate the time you put into them. They also end up with a one of a kind present. Right now I am working on a present for my niece she will be 2 at Christmas time and I know she will absolutely love what I am making her. I cannot share too many of the details just in case my sister actually reads my blog. I also find a satisfaction in knowing that I have put alot of love into the present. I have spent the last 6 months scoping pinterest and now I am ready to start crafting!


Don't you just think these tiny little itty bitty clothespins are adorable?! I am tempted to hang a baby doll shirt on my clothesline with them the next time I hang clothes outside. If my neighbors could see my clothesline I wonder what they would think.

My dear and wonderful husband has lots of tools around the trailer and I say around the trailer because he is not the best at keeping track of where his stuff is at. If I need a hammer for one of my projects he will tell me it is in the toolbox or in the barn or just look for it. *sigh* So to help solve this problem I decided to get a toolbox of my own and below is a picture of my amazingly awesome toolbox! Are you ready to see it? I even found one that has my name on it, I am such a lucky girl!!!!!

                 TaDa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a tool-box also know as a shoebox with tools in it, but it is all mine!
Well, guess what this past weekend I got a new to me tool box. I call it a new to me toolbox because my brother in law would call it his old toolbox but hey, I can't pass up a bargain and a free new to me toolbox is much better then a new pay way to much money for toolbox from the store. Below is a picture of it. Warning: My original toolbox was much cleaner but I figure if a messy cook is a good cook then a messy toolbox is a good toolbox user. ahaha

                                                                    Thank you Matt!!

Update on the new baby bunnies, I was able to count them today and there are 6. They are starting to get fur on them and look less like mice. When they are around 10 days old they will open their eyes and start moving around and then I will have some really cute pictures for you all.

Have a blessed day all!!!!!
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  1. I cannot imagine thinking of Christmas yet! Oh my! I contemplate homemade gifts, but never seem to do so. Probably because I don't plan far enough ahead. As for your hubby, misplaced tools, and your new toolbox....reminds me of my Mama and Daddy. She even bought some herself one time and he borrowed pieces because he couldn't find his and misplaced hers too! LOL Anyway, we decided to get her a pink and purple toolbox where all the tools had pink and purple handles. He has not borrowed a single one of them and she knows where they are when she needs them! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. That is a great idea! Maybe if I get some pink ones then hubby will leave them alone.

  3. I laughed when I saw your post title, because I start making/buying Christmas gifts in August. Glad I'm not alone!

  4. If my sewing machine cooperates I hope to be starting on my next project before long.