Thursday, April 9, 2015


Winter is over and spring is upon us now. The good news is that the snow and cold are gone and we are enjoying warmer temperatures. The only problem now is the mud. There is so much of it!! I have not let the new baby goats out of the barn yet because I am seriously worried they might drown. I do not know if you can tell from the picture above but my boots are covered halfway up with yucky, gross mud and it is starting to smell bad also. The ducks and cows do not seem to mind it much but I cannot get the goats to come out of the barn unless they have to and I cannot even get the pig to come out! That just shows how spoiled she is though. I am thankful to the Lord that we got through the cold, frozen season and I know he is also going to get us through this wet and muddy season and I am really looking forward to when things dry up and I can plant my garden.

Below are some pictures of the goats to enjoy. I love baby goats. They were born on Good Friday so their names of course are Good and Friday. They are 2 little bucklings born to our BabyLynn, she is a cross between nubian and boer. So of course people like to call them Bubians. Geesh! lol

The little boy in front is Friday

The little boy facing us is Good

Have a blessed Thurday!


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