Thursday, April 2, 2015

The trouble with ducks

I have been so busy lately. Right now I am keeping watch over a mother goat that has lost her ligaments, her bag has filled up and she is starting to have discharge. Everyone here who owns goats knows what that means. We will be having some amazing photos full of cuteness coming up soon! I just love baby goats. I hope you do to because you will be seeing alot of them.

Yesterday was April Fool's day, thankfully noone played any jokes on me. I am that person that falls for them all of the time.

Well, so far none of this has been about ducks or about trouble so let's get on topic. If you ask my husband what the trouble with ducks is he would say a resounding EVERYTHING! As you can see ducks are not my husband's favorite animal on the farm but we have agreed if I can put up with his cows then he can put up with my ducks. I personally do not see how that is a fair trade off. I have yet to have an 800 pound duck come up behind him and bump him with it's head because it wants some scratching under the chin but I guess it could happen, right? I do know that the thing my dear husband dislikes most about my ducks is the fact that they absolutely love swimming in the water troughs, and that gets the water really nasty really fast and I have to admit that I do not necessarily like that about them either. So....what do us farmers do when we have a problem we go to a friend for help. I got on facebook and asked my friend Susie over at Our Simple Farm and like most things the solution was pretty simple and I cannot believe I did not think of it myself. She told me that she has a kiddie pool set up for her ducks and they don't get into her water troughs. Really!?? That simple? I was skeptical. It isn't like I would be making it like fort knox around the water troughs, I would just be putting up a little pool of water. Why would they give up their larger area to swim in? I am very happy to report though that she was correct. I did not have a kiddie pool so I made a small pool from the bottom of an old igloo dog box. The ducks love it and even better is that they stay out of the water troughs. I am very happy about that and maybe it will help my husband like my ducks a little bit more but probably not. Have a wonderful and blessed day!! Please enjoy the pictures of 2 of my beautiful ducks posted below.

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