Monday, July 20, 2015

Book review!!!!

When I decided to sign up with Bethany House Publishers to read and review books for them I had no idea what I was in for but when I saw that they wanted an HONEST review I decided to give it a try. I have signed up to try and review things before from other companies but when I received the information from them they did not want us to give bad reviews only good ones so I decided not to do those ones. Last month I received my first book to read. They did send me the book for free but they in no way persuaded me to give a good review, they only wanted an honest one. When the book arrived I was impressed with the bright beautiful cover and the feel of the book. I do have a kindle that I read some books on but I guess you can say I am old fashioned because I like the feel of a book in my hand while reading. I did not have time to start the book the day it came so I waited until the next day and I absolutely LOVED it! I could hardly put it down starting with page 1. There was no slow beginning with this book, it had me hooked from the start. It is about a school teacher named Kate and a farmer named Silas who share a love for a young boy. They both have very hurtful pasts and the whole way through the book I kept trying to guess if they were going to let those hurts get in the way of their future. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen something new happened and surprised me. I love the way the author keeps you guessing until the end on who all are going to end up together. I highly recommend this book and will be reading it again.

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