Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our amazing summer in pictures

 We had a great summer! It was very full of activities and fun, I hope to have an even better summer next year.
                                We of course had to feed the chickens.
                                                   Play with snakes.
 Was so excited for apple season. Got my apple butter and apple chips done.

 Learned how to make sauerkraut. It is so easy and tastes soooo good. I will                                             never go back to store bought again.
                       I am still in the process of getting this deer hide tanned.
                                                Expanded the orchard.
                           Got early Christmas present from our daughter.
                                               Went to a tractor show.
                 Received beautiful surprises. These were from my daughter.
                             Bought a couple heritage bronze turkeys.
                                                     Fun at the fair.
                                            Learned some of our history.
                                        Went to the renaissance festival.
                                               Learned about the past.
                                                       Rode a camel.
                                                        Fed giraffes.
                                                    Bought a tractor.
                                                    Planted flowers.
                              Made some improvements around the farm.
                              Got beautiful delicious honey from the bees.
                                                 Kept the dogs clean.
                                    Walked the cow. Doesn't everyone?
                                              Bought 2 calves to raise.
                                                         Baby goats!!
                                                   Science center.

I hope you enjoyed seeing about our summer. Have a blessed day!!


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