Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend and no sugar update

Every other weekend our oldest grandson comes and stays with us. This little boy definitely has us wrapped around his finger. I thought by the time I hit my 40s I would have experienced all of the different kinds of love that God has blessed us with but I was wrong. The kind of love that a grandparent has for a grandchild, the baby of your baby, is a very special kind of love. It always amazes me all of the gifts that God has to offer us and the pure love that I see in my grandson's eyes when he is telling me I am his best friend is a gift that I cherish.
He is so much fun. We always go down to my mom and grandma's house while he is visiting so he can get some time with them. He loves riding his jeep down. Above is a picture of where he parks it. He can be so silly.
He also likes to help around the farm. This weekend we cured my meat smoker. He thought it was so cool building a fire inside of it. He is very good about listening to us while working and stayed away after it got hot.

Here is a picture of "his ducks" after he filled their pool for them. They love clean water. They are enjoying the little bit of time they have left before it gets too cold and their water freezes for the winter.
And his absolute favorite thing to do while he is here is to drive the tractor with grandad!

Update on no sugar experiment: After going without any sugar for a week I decided that I was better off with limiting sugar. I eat very little processed sugar now but I do not stress myself out trying not to eat any. Sugar is added to so many things now that I would not have expected that I decided the best way for me was to limit my sugar.

Have a blessed day!!


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