Sunday, January 22, 2017

new additions

This winter it feels like one of us is always sick. First Doug had it, then I had it, now Doug has it again.  I really hope I do not get it again. It is one gift that I do not want.

Here is a picture of what we thought were Henry and his ladies but to our surprise one of his ladies is turning out to be a guy. Can you guess which one? He is definitely beginning to look like a Tom now. Oh well, surprises can be fun.

Meet my crocheting buddy Evelyn. She is very lucky that she is adorable because she can be mighty annoying. She loves to walk behind my head while I am sitting in the recliner around to my shoulder and get right into my face. I guess I am not paying enough attention to her. She is my daughter's kitten but when Caitlyn is not at home Evelyn decides I am the next best thing.

Now meet Sox (black) and Betsy. Betsy was only with us a short time before she developed a respiratory infection and died but she was a special kitten. My daughter loved her so much and was so upset when she passed. She was a very spoiled kitten and had a great life while she was with us and she will be missed. Sox is my kitten. She loves to have attention but she also seems to know when to stay away. She definitely is my kitten.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our new additions on the farm. Have a blessed day!


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