Saturday, March 9, 2013

The best cheese I have eaten so far!

This is a picture of me hoping that today is an easy day. I have been so exhausted lately from the nonstop activity that I didnt wake up to feed the baby goats last night. They sure were hungry this morning. Anyway the topic of this post is cheese so I guess I should let you in on how I make the most amazingly yummy cheese from my goat's milk.

Disclaimer: Even though I personally think it is true that this is the best tasting cheese, it is still just my opinion and is in no way making me liable if someone does not like it. :)

  I start out by pouring a gallon of goat's milk in a large pot. As you can see mine was a little frozen but that is only because after I milk I put the jars of fresh milk in the freezer for an hour to chill quickly and I forgot to get it out after an hour, oops! You do not need to use frozen milk.
 Heat milk to 86 degrees F. I am aware that my candy thermometer I was using does not have a measurement lower then 100 but I do not have a thermometer that does so I use it to guess when it is 86. So far I am pretty good at it.
 Add the culture. I got mine from and you do not have to add rennet with it. Let the culture sit in the milk for 2 minutes before stirring.
                    I stirred for about 30-60 seconds to get it mixed in well.
 This next part is the hard part. Put the lid on the milk that has the culture in it and then go do something else for 12 hours. Do not touch it for 12 hours! I know it is hard not to look and see if it is seperating but this is a good time to practice some self control.
 After 12 hours it should look like this. Carefully ladle out the curds and put into a cheesecloth lined colander and then tie the cheesecloth, I use yarn and then I use another piece of yarn to hang it from a cabinet door in the kitchen to drain into a bowl. I forgot to take a picture of that. After 4-8 hours, I let mine hang for 5 hours, take the cheese out of the cheesecloth and put into a bowl. Stir and add whatever seasonings you like and enjoy! My favorite way to eat it is on crackers but it is even good with a spoon.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New babies!!!!


Wow, we have been busy this past week, first my daughter's goat Babylynn had her baby. She had a little boy. Caitlyn named him Wednesday because he was born on a Wednesday. I love the names that she gives to things. Then 5 days later which was yesterday my boer goat Sweet Pea decided to have her baby and it was a girl. I was having trouble picking out a name for her even though Caitlyn wanted to name her Monday but I finally decided on Jane. She is a doe so it is Jane Doe, lol. We do not have space in the barn right now for the momma's and their babies to be seperate from the other goats, I dont think I thought things through good enough so I am bottle feeding them which I am ending up liking. It will be easier to wean them because they wont be used to eating off their moms (I feed them their mom's milk though) and they are alot more friendly to me. I bring them in the trailer with us for at least 24 hours. Wednesday got to stay in here 4 days because he was quiet and I really enjoyed him but Jane only got to stay 24 hours because she was very noisy and screamed everytime she saw me so she is in the barn with the other babies. Right now we have Bardock 8 weeks (he is my wethered), Wednesday who will stay on as a buck and Jane. I am keeping Jane because she is an all red doe and I think she is really cool. Wednesday weighed a whopping 10.4 pounds at birth and Jane was a little smaller at 9 pounds. They were both singles. My last 3 goats gave birth to only one baby so I am starting to think they were missing some needed nutrients so I am stepping up with the minerals and taking better care of them now to see if I get at least doubles in the future. The health of my animals is very important to me and I am on the ball now.  Another thing I am enjoying is all of this fresh milk! I am planning to make some chevre cheese as soon as my supplies I ordered arrive, I am making some more soap after I get to the store to get some shortening and tomorrow I plan to make ice cream. Yum Yum!!  Have a blessed day everyone!!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good day today

Today was a good day. I finally found an iced coffee recipe that I like. The recipe is on the recipe page.  Putting it in a pint sized mason jar made me feel like it was more country. I also love drinking from a mason jar.

I also had fun playing with Wednesday today. He is such a sweet little goat. He follows me around everywhere like a puppy and cries if I leave him in the kitchen and he cannot see me. Another great thing about the baby goats besides the little cuties running around is that their mommas are giving us fresh milk which means cheese, ice cream, yogurt and lots of yummy treats.

 The chickens are not my favorite of the animals we raise on our farm and they are the only animal that we have that my daughter absolutely hates. She had a rooster attack her when she was younger and has been afraid of them since. I have a new rooster now and he is nice but she still does not like them. I raise silver laced wyandottes and I think they are very pretty birds and they are gentle. I havent had any trouble with them at all except that a couple of the mixed breeds (we have 3 that are not pure wyandotte) will not go into the pen. They want to roost in the barn so I have to physically carry them up to the pen but besides that they are easy to take care of except at butchering time. Plucking a chicken is very tedious work but nothing tastes better then a farm raised chicken. The chickens did make me happy today when I found 9 eggs which means they are starting to lay again! Happy happy happy! I also put 30 eggs in the incubator today. I am thinking about trying to sell chicks along with growing some to butcher. I hope everyone had a great day today and are looking forward to spring as much as I am. Have a blessed day!


Friday, March 1, 2013

why i dont like the grocery store

Our Simple Farm
After my trip to the grocery store today I am more excited then ever about the replacing the grocery store challenge at I cant wait until I am spending alot less at the grocery store, the food is more healthy when you grow it yourself and alot less expensive. I am also starting to make as much from scratch as I can. Tastes alot better too.

I didnt do much today besides take a trip into town with my mom to the grocery store and the normal chores that I have to do everyday. I now have to milk the goat twice a day instead of only once. When Joy had her baby a couple months ago I started seperating him from his mom at night after he was a couple weeks old so that I could milk her in the morning so that meant I only had to milk her once a day. But, now that I have another doe that had a baby and I decided to bottle feed him I have to milk his momma twice a day. It isnt hard to do and it does not take long so I do not mind and I love the fresh milk. She gives a  half gallon a day so that is enough for her baby and some left over for us. I ordered cheese making ingredients today, cannot wait for them to come. I miss my soft cheeses. The most exciting thing that happened today was when I was browning the chicken for enchiladas and I fell asleep. Wow, did the place smell smoky, lol. Well, time for this grandma to go to bed, early to rise tomorrow. I need to milk some goats and bake some bread. Blessings to all!