Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great day turns bad

Today started out wonderful. They came and finished our new well today and I was told that we will have plenty of water and should not run out in the summer. I should be able to wash as many clothes as I want and water the garden to my heart's delight. That was great. I also got to talk to an old friend that I haven't seen in awhile. Later that day I was checking on the goat's water to make sure they had enough since it was a really hot day today and noticed that my dog kept trying to get under the boat that we have set up upside down for the goat's to play on and under. It is propped up by an old metal barrel that lays on it's side. Of course I had to go check and see what she was so interested in because we haven't been able to find one of my young bucklings for a few days and I was hoping he was hiding there and just wasn't coming out when I was in the field. Much to my horror I did find him but it wasn't the happy ending I was hoping for because I found my poor buckling laying dead in the barrel. I am heartbroken and keep blaming myself, saying that if maybe I had looked harder or went and looked for him as soon as I saw he wasn't with his friend then maybe he would be ok. Like a good friend told me today though, I cannot keep beating myself up about it, God is taking care of him now. I will really miss my little Wednesday (name my daughter gave him when he was born), he definitely was a very special little guy and will hold a place in my heart forever.  Below is a picture of him.

Friday, May 3, 2013

replacing the grocery store challenge update

I am taking the replacing the grocery store challenge over at so go check them out, it is a great blog.

So far the only thing I have planted in my garden are potatoes and corn because the weather just hasn't been cooperating. It is either too rainy and muddy or it is too cold. This week looks like all nice temps but we are getting a well put in right above my garden and I am going to find out if there is any reason I should not plant now. I do not know if he will need to run water down the hill or not. I have lots of tomato plants growing on my windowsill waiting to get into the garden when the weather warms up for awhile. I am also planning to plant watermelon, zucchini, cucumbers, and a few different kinds of peppers. I am also wanting to plant some green beans and peas. My uncle tilled up alot more space for me to plant on so I am hoping to get to can lots of produce to get us through the year.

I am also hoping to plant a couple plum, apple and hopefully pear trees this year along with picking blueberries that I have planted and the raspberries and blackberries that grow wild on the property. I cannot wait until my post show the things I have done instead of what I have planned.

Another way I have been staying away from the grocery store is to make my own cleaners. It is so much more cost effective and I also can breathe while I am using them. Whenever I clean with commercial cleaners, especially the bathtub cleaner I cannot breathe. I am gasping for air and feeling light headed, I do not have that with my homemade cleaners.

Hoping everyone is having a blessed day!!