Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farmer April's farm updates

I really need to get more organized. I am starting to use lists so that I can get everything done or at least know what all I need to get done. I cannot promise I will do it all because sometimes my list is longer then my energy or even the day. One thing on my list on Tuesdays will be to give a farm update on my blog. Let everyone know what has been going on here.

Aren't these 2 little goats the cutest little things? Well, they weren't as cute at 6 am when they woke me up screaming for their momma because I have them in a separate pen to be weaned. I am trying to sell them and I think they would sell better if they were weaned. I am hoping to be able to sell the baby goats so that I can save the money and get some pure bred goats to raise. I am really excited about this.  Everytime they would yell their momma would yell back so I imagine I am not the favorite person of all my neighbors. Good thing I live by all relatives and they have to love me. Since I am weaning them and they no longer eat from their momma that also means I am milking her twice a day now and it also means more milk for cheese, ice cream, soap, yogurt, the list goes on and on.........
These are from my first litter of Californians. They are almost a month old now. I am really excited about raising this breed. I hope they sell well because I need to at least make back the money I use feeding them and buying supplies to tan hides. I think my rabbits are becoming my favorite animal on the farm. They are so cute and soft and if I want I can have babies here all of the time. I love the red eyes.

This is a picture of me and Jane Doe. She was a bottle baby that I raised. Look at the smile on her face. She is such a happy goat. She crawls under the gate and gets out whenever she wants and it is becoming a nuisance so I put her in the pen with the ones I am weaning. She isn't too excited.

Yesterday's garden harvest. I am excited to be starting to get produce from the garden again. Can you see the marks on the watermelons from the hail storm we had about a month ago? It ruined my zucchini, beans and cucumbers but everything else seems to be making a recovery. I am so glad because I thought all was lost when I saw the garden after the hail hit so hard but God provides and we are now getting lots and lots of tomatoes.

Another picture of Jane Doe to show you just how spoiled she is.
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why I do not coupon

I have been reading so many things on facebook and different blogs about couponing and I see that some people are able to save so much money this way and sometimes get lots of things for free and sometimes even get money back so I decided to give it a try because hey, who does not like saving money. For a couple weeks I spent hours pouring over coupon flyers that came in the mail and hours going through the different coupon sites, I have even learned recently that some people pay for coupons, I then got out the weekly ads for the stores around here so that I could match up coupons with the store ads and get the best deals. I then spent all day Friday going to the different stores to get these bargains. I have to admit I did save a lot of money but when I was putting my groceries away I realized that I bought a lot of things I would not normally want to have in my place. I am a momma and wife that believes in cooking from scratch and not having a lot of prepackaged box foods and snacks around. I have to admit there are times I get lazy and grab a frozen pizza (hangs head in shame) or we go to a local fast food place (hangs head even lower) but I am trying to get our habits turned around to where we eat healthier. So I have decided that if I can find some coupons on the baking items I still need to buy at the grocery store or I come acrossed a coupon for something I would normally buy because in reality I cannot grow and make all of my own products yet even though that is my goal then I will be clipping those coupons and using them but I do not have the time or the energy to be running around all over the place to get one or 2 items that I have a coupon for. I will still be looking at store ads to see which store has better prices that week but I will not be sacrificing the way we eat just because I have a coupon anymore or because I can get that item for free. I am by no means putting down people who coupon or who do not do things the way that I do I am just saying that this is not right for me. I hope you enjoyed my post and you all have a blessed day.

Blessings to all!!


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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Better then Kool Aid recipe and a giveaway

If you head on over to Deep Roots at Home there is a recipe for Better then Koolaid that I am wanting to give a try and they are having a great giveaway! You can check it out by clicking the link above.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

poison ivy predicament part 2

I am pleased to report that my poison ivy rash is healing after only a few days of using the jewelweed salve I made. I do like the one that I made with the coconut oil the best. It smells better and I think simmering it for an hour made the salve stronger. It helps with itching and seems to be drying it up also. I also wash the area with tea tree oil soap before applying the salve. I hope this helps everyone or at least someone out there who is suffering and does not want to use commercial medication on it. I will be making the salve every year because even though while poison ivy is flourishing so is jewelweed and you do not have to make it into a salve to use it. You can just crush up the stems of the jewelweed and apply the juice directly to the area but in the months were there is no jewelweed growing it will be nice to have the salve for other itchy problems.

Update on rabbits, I have added some nesting material for Ms. Kay and Chloe. Yesterday was day 28 so it should not be long now. Most of my rabbits have their babies on day 30 or 31. I cannot wait to be sharing pictures with you of the little sweeties.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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