Monday, February 11, 2013


Today was a very nice and beautiful day outside. It was pretty windy but the temperature was warm for this time of year and all the snow was melting. I really enjoyed it. Spent some time with my goats, was able to get the rabbit pen clean because everything was not encased in ice anymore, and some of the time I just sat outside and looked around at God's beautiful creation. It got me to thinking about how if we didnt have the really cold days then we wouldnt truly be able to appreciate the warm ones. Just like if we dont know sadness then we wouldnt be able to experience joy, and if we didnt go through hard times, do you really think we would enjoy the good times so much. Sometimes we take life for granted and want things our way all of the time but God has a better plan for us so I am gonna let him take the lead and see where this journey takes me.

The baby bunnies have opened their eyes and are starting to wander out of the nest. I love watching them run around when they are this tiny. That is one of the things I love about raising my own animals, I get to see the bunnies and kid goats at an age where I wouldnt get to if they werent born here. I think the most special time with them is when they are really young. Especially the goats. It is the best time to bond with them and get them used to people. Rabbits are prey in the wild and they have a natural instinct to be on edge but I believe that mine trust me. They dont come to me for pets and hugs like the goats do but they dont run and hide when I go into their cages and they will let me pet them especially when they are young. I have another goat due to have her kids soon, I am not 100% sure about when she got bred so it could be any day now. I will keep you updated and will share pics after they are born. This is my daughter's goat and she is excited for them to come also. I hope everyone is having a wonderful and blessed day! Oh yeah! I forgot to mention I made some chocolate goat milk fudge today, cannot wait to eat some!!


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