Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday morning cheese alarm

Woke up in the middle of the night last night to pour my cheese into the cheesecloth to drain because I never ever think about what time it will be when I have to drain it whenever I am starting the cheese, it isnt hard to figure out either. It has to set with the culture and rennet in it for 12 hours so if I am a dummy and start it at noon then it is gonna be midnight when I have to hang it to drain! Well this dummy doesnt think about how she is not even awake at midnight. I was trying a new recipe and was excited to see how it turned out even though I felt a little silly having to set a cheese alarm. Well, to my disappointment whenever I poured the milk into the cheesecloth lined colandar it was all milk, it did not seperate into curds and whey. Does that remind you of a nursery rhyme? It always does me. Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. Anyway, I dumped that out and decided while I was up anyway I should go out and check on my pregnant doe. She was in the barn and barely looked up at me from her sleepy state to acknowledge I was there. They must all think that I am some strange farmer lady who comes out and just looks at them in the middle of the night occasionally. Well, if they arent used to this crazy lady by now they never will be. Decided there was nothing excited going on so I went back to bed. Since today was Sunday I went to church and got to spend most of the day with my grandson. It was a pleasant day, I dont do alot on Sundays because it is a day to rest from our labor and to worship the Lord, I decided to cook some venison steak for dinner to put on salads and I will crochet the rest of the evening while checking on my doe every hour or 2 to see if her babies have arrived yet. Just another fun day on the farm. I have also decided to start keeping eggs to put into the incubator. My chickens are still not laying good so I will probably put them in next weekend. I have spring fever already and cannot wait until I can go outside all day and enjoy the sunshine. Happy Sunday all!!

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