Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thankful Thursday~those dang blasted goats!

While thinking about the many things I am thankful for this morning I decided to post about the things that annoyed me the most this morning so that I can remember why I love them. This morning when I went out to milk sweet BabyLynn I decided to check to see if there were anymore tent worms on my blueberry bushes (no, I am not thankful at all for tentworms, I really cannot find any use for them except to help me be thankful when they are not here). My blueberry bushes have been doing amazingly well this year. They were nice and full and getting lots of berries on them. The flowers had fallen off and I could see where the blueberries were coming on. Well, have you ever had one of those moments where you just cannot believe what you are seeing? That happened to me this morning. I checked over the bushes and was relieved to see that there was not a single worm on them. Then after I took a few steps away on my trip to the milkstand I suddenly had a realization. Not only were there no worms on the bushes but there were also very few leaves and even fewer berries!! I hurried back to the bushes and saw that something had been eating them! Then I remembered that LeRoy and Music Man (my herd sires) had gotten out of their pen last night and I decided to allow them to browse the brush that is behind their pen so that they could enjoy some greens. Then like I do with alot of things, I got busy and forgot they were even out until that night after dark when I went to shut the door on the chicken and duck pen. While they were out munching on some brush they came to the front of the trailer and found some yummy blueberry bushes! While feeding them this morning we had a chat about how lucky they are that I love them and that they make some pretty babies with the ladies. I do love my goats and I am very thankful for the milk that they provide my family. I believe that food the way God provided it is the healthiest. I am also thankful for the skills God has blessed me with to be able to turn that milk into cheese, ice cream, soap, and many other wonderful treats. The loss of my blueberries was a small disappointment to the sadness I would feel if I lost a goat. I am thankful this morning that I can look at the humorous side of things and not get caught up in the disappointments. Have a great and blessed day!


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  1. Goats! They can drive one a little nutty-always where they don't belong.
    But like you I do appreicate the milk they provide. And the kids are so cute!!

  2. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

  3. I love WATCHING goats, and I love photographing them... but they're too big a handful for me!
    Hope you'll come link up at