Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Tired, that is what I am at the end of a day in this life that they call simple. It is a good kind of tired though, it is the kind of tired that you are when you know that you have gotten alot done and it is all for the benefit of your family. The kind of tired that says well done, now let's do that again tomorrow. I love my life. I love getting up early in the morning when all is quiet and milking the goat listening to the birds sing. I like that before lunch time I have gotten more done then I used to get done all day before I started living this life. It is so amazing seeing how much my garden has changed each and every day and knowing that the food in it is good for my family and will feed them for a long time. It is fun watching the baby goats playing near their mothers and the baby rabbits hopping around their pens and I like knowing that they will all serve a purpose to feed my family knowing that they had a great life before hand. Right now I am learning how to tan the rabbit pelts. They are so soft when they are done and will keep our hands warm when I make some gloves for all of us for winter. I am trying to use all of the animal and not let anymore then necessary go to waste. That also is a good feeling. Well, like I said I am tired and the caramel corn I am making is almost done so I will sign off now. God bless you all!!


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