Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why I do not coupon

I have been reading so many things on facebook and different blogs about couponing and I see that some people are able to save so much money this way and sometimes get lots of things for free and sometimes even get money back so I decided to give it a try because hey, who does not like saving money. For a couple weeks I spent hours pouring over coupon flyers that came in the mail and hours going through the different coupon sites, I have even learned recently that some people pay for coupons, I then got out the weekly ads for the stores around here so that I could match up coupons with the store ads and get the best deals. I then spent all day Friday going to the different stores to get these bargains. I have to admit I did save a lot of money but when I was putting my groceries away I realized that I bought a lot of things I would not normally want to have in my place. I am a momma and wife that believes in cooking from scratch and not having a lot of prepackaged box foods and snacks around. I have to admit there are times I get lazy and grab a frozen pizza (hangs head in shame) or we go to a local fast food place (hangs head even lower) but I am trying to get our habits turned around to where we eat healthier. So I have decided that if I can find some coupons on the baking items I still need to buy at the grocery store or I come acrossed a coupon for something I would normally buy because in reality I cannot grow and make all of my own products yet even though that is my goal then I will be clipping those coupons and using them but I do not have the time or the energy to be running around all over the place to get one or 2 items that I have a coupon for. I will still be looking at store ads to see which store has better prices that week but I will not be sacrificing the way we eat just because I have a coupon anymore or because I can get that item for free. I am by no means putting down people who coupon or who do not do things the way that I do I am just saying that this is not right for me. I hope you enjoyed my post and you all have a blessed day.

Blessings to all!!


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  1. I am going to have to agree with you on this. Just six months ago, I would do this...coupon and coupon and more couponing to get the best deal. And I saved a lot of money. But like you, I am trying to turn our eating habits around and having "ready-to-go" food in my home has become almost non-existant (unless I made it and preserved it). I've realized that my couponing has cut back quite a bit because there are not many coupons for the fresh foods in the stores. But we are healthier and on our way to better habits as a whole. I'd rather spend the money to eat better now, then to give the money to the doctors while in the hospital later! :) Blessings to you as well!

  2. I am in total agreement with you Theresa and hope that someday America wakes up and realizes how bad we eat. I am on a journey now to start eating real food and get away from all processed food.