Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maple syrup season!! Yahoo!!!!!!!

Maple syrup! I think there is nothing better then the taste of something that you have worked for and made yourself. Maple syrup is one of my favorites. It tastes so much better then anything you can buy in the store.

We tapped the trees a few weeks ago but mother nature decided she was not finished with winter yet and we got a couple snows after we tapped the trees. It was sad going out and seeing no sap in the jugs but a couple inches of snow on top of them.

Then when the weather warmed up we got alot of rain and we realized there was a problem with our set up. The rain was running down the trees and right into the jugs!! After my very wise husband fixed that and the good Lord decided to bless us with sunshine we got gallons of sap. A little over 30 and after boiling it down all day long we ended up with some beautiful, wonderful tasting maple syrup. My favorite is french toast made from homemade bread, topped with lots of real butter and fresh maple syrup! Which is pictured at the top of this post.

And just for the fun of it here are pictures of my new Ameraucana chicks and beautiful ducklings. My husband is learning I cannot be trusted alone at Tractor Supply. 

Have a blessed day!!


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