Monday, May 18, 2015

The other day my husband and I were listening to a song and one of the lyrics was something about her being his nightmare looking like a day dream and I asked my husband if I was his nightmare disguised as a day dream and he said "sometimes". He is so cute, especially because he thinks he is still getting dinner tonight. Seriously though, my husband and I get along wonderfully and we have fun kidding around like that. We had a great weekend. Friday he surprised me by taking a vacation day from work and we went to a nearby auction to sell one of my goats. I really went that day with no plans on buying any animals but of course I came home with some more chicks. You can never have too many chickens, right? I seriously think we are getting close though.
 The auctioneer said they are silkies and they have the black skin and grey legs so we will see. We had a wonderful time at the auction. My husband found an old tonka truck that he bought for our grandson. They both seem to be enjoying it. I found the most amazing donuts. There is a couple of Amish ladies that sell fresh homemade donuts and it was so hard to eat just one and it was so much harder to give my husband half of the one I bought but I did because anything that tastes that good has to be really fattening. Saturday we planted potatoes and weeded some of the garden in the rain. We must have looked a little silly doing all of that while getting soaked but I am happy to say that we got everything planted and weeded and a little dirt and water never did anyone any harm.
 And last but definitely not least my husband surprised me again after church on Sunday and we drove a little over an hour away to pick up a heifer calf. We are bottle feeding her but she looks nice and healthy. She is a twin so her sister stayed on their momma and they sold us this little cutie pie. I almost tried to talk my husband into getting the other calf that was there because her name was April and I am partial to that name since it is also mine.

 My husband is also happy because we gave over half of my ducks to a friend of ours. He is not the biggest fan of ducks. I still have my 2 Pekins though.

Have a wonderful and blessed Monday!


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