Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New fragrance~essence of rut

I could not get them to get their heads out of the feed bowl long enough to take a picture of them. As you can see they each have their own bowl but insist on eating out of the same one.

It is that time of year again. The time of year when all the boys can think of is the girls. The only problem I have is the smell. It is not the most horrible scent I have ever had to smell but it is a very strange smell and I do not exactly enjoy it and it is also a smell that is very hard to get off of you once you have it on. The crazy rainy, cooler weather we have been having this summer has my boys kind of out of sync. This is early for them to be in rut. I usually do not have to endure this until September, thankfully it usually ends by the beginning of the next year. I could not imagine having it around all year long and my neighbors would probably not be very happy either. Another thing I do not understand and I will not get to much into detail in case I have younger readers is why the girls find them so attractive. I mean for goodness sakes they pee on themselves!! I do not know how anyone human or animal can actually find this attractive. I also hope there is no human out there who actually pees on themselves to try and get a lady. That would be too much. Anyway, the poor boys are going to have to wait 2 more months before they get to visit with the pretty girls in the next pen over and us and our poor neighbors will have to endure the smell. I would also like to apologize to my neighbors and to anyone who I may be around after handling the stinky boys. Also here is a free tidbit for any other goat farmers out there. Toothpaste does get the smell off of your hands so stock up!

Have a blessed day!

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