Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good day today

Today was a good day. I finally found an iced coffee recipe that I like. The recipe is on the recipe page.  Putting it in a pint sized mason jar made me feel like it was more country. I also love drinking from a mason jar.

I also had fun playing with Wednesday today. He is such a sweet little goat. He follows me around everywhere like a puppy and cries if I leave him in the kitchen and he cannot see me. Another great thing about the baby goats besides the little cuties running around is that their mommas are giving us fresh milk which means cheese, ice cream, yogurt and lots of yummy treats.

 The chickens are not my favorite of the animals we raise on our farm and they are the only animal that we have that my daughter absolutely hates. She had a rooster attack her when she was younger and has been afraid of them since. I have a new rooster now and he is nice but she still does not like them. I raise silver laced wyandottes and I think they are very pretty birds and they are gentle. I havent had any trouble with them at all except that a couple of the mixed breeds (we have 3 that are not pure wyandotte) will not go into the pen. They want to roost in the barn so I have to physically carry them up to the pen but besides that they are easy to take care of except at butchering time. Plucking a chicken is very tedious work but nothing tastes better then a farm raised chicken. The chickens did make me happy today when I found 9 eggs which means they are starting to lay again! Happy happy happy! I also put 30 eggs in the incubator today. I am thinking about trying to sell chicks along with growing some to butcher. I hope everyone had a great day today and are looking forward to spring as much as I am. Have a blessed day!



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  2. My daughter is afraid of our chickens because the rooster attacked her too. We got rid of that rooster but never replaced him. I'd like to one day to maybe incubate some eggs.

  3. I hope my daughter some day is not afraid of them, I started incubating eggs last year. It is so much fun watching the chicks hatch and getting to play with them when they are young without the hens attacking me for going near their babies.