Friday, March 1, 2013

why i dont like the grocery store

Our Simple Farm
After my trip to the grocery store today I am more excited then ever about the replacing the grocery store challenge at I cant wait until I am spending alot less at the grocery store, the food is more healthy when you grow it yourself and alot less expensive. I am also starting to make as much from scratch as I can. Tastes alot better too.

I didnt do much today besides take a trip into town with my mom to the grocery store and the normal chores that I have to do everyday. I now have to milk the goat twice a day instead of only once. When Joy had her baby a couple months ago I started seperating him from his mom at night after he was a couple weeks old so that I could milk her in the morning so that meant I only had to milk her once a day. But, now that I have another doe that had a baby and I decided to bottle feed him I have to milk his momma twice a day. It isnt hard to do and it does not take long so I do not mind and I love the fresh milk. She gives a  half gallon a day so that is enough for her baby and some left over for us. I ordered cheese making ingredients today, cannot wait for them to come. I miss my soft cheeses. The most exciting thing that happened today was when I was browning the chicken for enchiladas and I fell asleep. Wow, did the place smell smoky, lol. Well, time for this grandma to go to bed, early to rise tomorrow. I need to milk some goats and bake some bread. Blessings to all!


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