Saturday, March 9, 2013

The best cheese I have eaten so far!

This is a picture of me hoping that today is an easy day. I have been so exhausted lately from the nonstop activity that I didnt wake up to feed the baby goats last night. They sure were hungry this morning. Anyway the topic of this post is cheese so I guess I should let you in on how I make the most amazingly yummy cheese from my goat's milk.

Disclaimer: Even though I personally think it is true that this is the best tasting cheese, it is still just my opinion and is in no way making me liable if someone does not like it. :)

  I start out by pouring a gallon of goat's milk in a large pot. As you can see mine was a little frozen but that is only because after I milk I put the jars of fresh milk in the freezer for an hour to chill quickly and I forgot to get it out after an hour, oops! You do not need to use frozen milk.
 Heat milk to 86 degrees F. I am aware that my candy thermometer I was using does not have a measurement lower then 100 but I do not have a thermometer that does so I use it to guess when it is 86. So far I am pretty good at it.
 Add the culture. I got mine from and you do not have to add rennet with it. Let the culture sit in the milk for 2 minutes before stirring.
                    I stirred for about 30-60 seconds to get it mixed in well.
 This next part is the hard part. Put the lid on the milk that has the culture in it and then go do something else for 12 hours. Do not touch it for 12 hours! I know it is hard not to look and see if it is seperating but this is a good time to practice some self control.
 After 12 hours it should look like this. Carefully ladle out the curds and put into a cheesecloth lined colander and then tie the cheesecloth, I use yarn and then I use another piece of yarn to hang it from a cabinet door in the kitchen to drain into a bowl. I forgot to take a picture of that. After 4-8 hours, I let mine hang for 5 hours, take the cheese out of the cheesecloth and put into a bowl. Stir and add whatever seasonings you like and enjoy! My favorite way to eat it is on crackers but it is even good with a spoon.

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