Sunday, July 29, 2012


Look what my husband had a picture of on his trailcam!! I know this is an awful picture but it was a video and I was trying to take a pic of the coyote with my phone off of the video and as you can see I didnt do a very good job. So far he/she has left my animals alone. I have some baby goats due in September though and will be needing to make sure they are kept safe. I know coyotes are not a good thing to have around but I think it would be cool to get to see one.

We have been going through a terrible drought for awhile and my garden has been dieing off slowly and I was giving up hope on getting much more from it because I was also not able to water it. Thankfully the Lord has been blessing us with a nice amount of rain the last few days and things are starting to perk up. My strawberries are blooming for the second time and my roses are even blooming again. Only problem is that along with the stuff I want to grow there are also weeds growing like crazy and the garden is too muddy to weed. I sound like one of those people who can find something bad in anything.  :-P

My husbands back has been so bad lately that he could not even get off the couch for a few days but thankfully he is able to get up and move around some now and it seems to be getting better. So, it looks like things are starting to look good at the Kimble home.

Later today I plan on putting tomatoes in the freezer (to freeze of course!) so that tomorrow I will be able to can them. I learned a neat-o trick last canning season. If you freeze the tomato and then dip it in hot water (not to long, you dont want to cook it) the skin will peel right off. It is soooo much easier then using a knife to peel the tomato and it wastes alot less of the fruit. Yep! You say tomato I say tomahto but we all know it is a fruit!  Hope everyone has a blessed and joy filled day!



  1. I certainly empathize with you on the garden issue. Last year I had a beautiful garden and it bit the grit during the drought; give it a couple of days and you will be able to get out there and weed.

    Great trick on the tomatoes!
    Hope your husband feels a lot better!

  2. Ty! I have been working on the weeds some but last night it stormed again so waiting until this afternoon to see if the ground dries up some.

  3. Out of curiousity, what part of the country are you in?