Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why do I live the way I do?

Why do I live the way I do? That is a good question. Sometimes I find myself asking that same question. I live this way because I feel it is the way God intended for me to live. I am a firm believer that the healthiest food is the food we raise and grow ourselves, I believe that we can find the best medicines in nature and I believe that cooking from scratch is alot better for us then all the processed prepackaged foods. I also believe this is a journey I am on. A journey of self discovery and a journey to find what God has in store for me. It is not always easy for me, sometimes I find myself in a drive thru at a fast food restaurant because I dont feel like going home and cooking or when I have a headache I will reach for the bottle of pain killer because I dont want to wait for my tea to work. I can say though that I have never cooked a meal at home and wished I wouldnt have but there are plenty of times I have went through the drive thru and regretted all the money that I just spent and all the junk I just put into my body.  There are also days where I would like to just veg out on the couch and watch tv all day but I feel so much better when I have been outside enjoying the fresh air, working in my garden and seeing all of my animals. Getting exercise makes me feel so much better then sitting like a lump on the couch doing nothing but staring at the tv all day and I dont feel like I have wasted this great day the Lord has blessed me with when I get out. I wish I could say that I never give into the temptation of the television but I can say I feel alot less energized on the days that I do. So, hopefully we can share this journey that I am on going back to a simpler way of living and learn together what works and what doesnt. I believe we can learn from the past while mixing in ways of the present. God bless you all!


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