Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gotta take the bad with the good!

Row of peas. My garden is doing very well so far. Lord willing it will continue to do well
The dreary, cold weather we have been having has reminded me of one of my favorite sayings, " you cannot enjoy the sunshine without the rain." I am not sure if that is a real saying or if I just made it up but it is one of my favorite sayings because of how true it is. If we never had bad times or things that we did not enjoy then we would not be able to enjoy the good things as much. I think that is true with all things. One of my goals this year is to eat fruits and vegetables when they are in season and have enough of my own produce and some of the produce I get from the farmer's market preserved to last us the winter. Just think of how much more we enjoy zucchini when it first ripens, it is something I look forward to every year. I do admit though that by the end of the season I am  a little tired of zucchini but I believe it is much healthier to eat things while they are in season. I think it is nature the way God intended it. My strawberries are not doing well so in a couple weeks my husband and I will be joining some friends of ours to go to a farm to pick our own strawberries, I cannot wait. That is my idea of fun. I cant wait to taste those fresh strawberries. The ones from the grocery store just do not compare in taste and are nowhere near as healthy as farm fresh. I hope you will join me on my journey this summer and I will share as many pictures as I can of how we do things. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Farm update

We have 3 new additions to our farm. The first is 2 little doelings born to my Nellie girl Friday afternoon.

Penny (Penelope)

Merry (MerryWeather)

And the last addition is my bees!!!! Hooray! I am so excited about this new adventure!


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