Friday, July 1, 2016


This is my Angora rabbit Trixie. For years I have wanted to raise angora rabbits and learn how to spin their fiber. I finally had the opportunity through a friend to purchase a couple and I jumped right on that opportunity. This is a picture of me and the doe, I do not have any pictures of the buck I have but his name is Duke. Duke and Trixie had their first playdate not to long after they arrived on our farm but sadly Trixie did not get pregnant. But happily after the second playdate she became a Momma! I was alot more excited then she was but at least one of us was.

On the 28th day after she was bred I put hay in her cage so she could build a nest for her expectant litter. Rabbits build nests for their babies out of hay/straw and fur that they pull from themselves when they are close to having their kits. Kit is the term for a baby rabbit.

Trixie did a great job building her nest. You cannot even see that there are 7 tiny little rabbits in there.

Here are the babies at about a week old. They will be opening their eyes at 10 days old. Notice that the babies are not fluffy yet. Don't worry it won't take them long.

Starting to get fluffy.

A picture of my beautiful daughter holding one. They got held alot and they are very friendly and easy to handle. They will be good for kids to be around.

They are now 8 weeks old and ready to be sold to their new owners. In this picture my niece is showing how friendly they are. Every time she is here she runs out to the rabbit pens and gets one of "her" bunnies.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our rabbits. I cannot wait until I am sharing a post about the first time I spun their fiber.

Have a blessed day!!


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