Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wanna read a good book?

If you want to read a good book and I do not know why anyone would not want to read a good book then "A Haven on Orchard Lane" written by Lawana Blackwell is just the book you are looking for.

     "A Haven on Orchard Lane" is about a neglected wife/actress named Charlotte who is trying to get her career started again only to suffer an embarrassing setback that could ruin her career. She finds help from someone who she least expects to help her. Her estranged daughter Rosalind. Together they travel to a quiet coastal village where they find privacy, new relationships, good friends and a chance to work on their mother/daughter relationship.
     "A Haven on Orchard Lane" is a delightful book to read. It has a very interesting storyline. The author was able to make me feel a part of the characters lives. If you are looking for a good book that has some humor, suspense and romance and does not have unnecessary foul language or inappropriate scenes then I strongly recommend "A Haven on Orchard Lane".

Have a blessed weekend!


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