Sunday, April 7, 2013


It finally feels like spring might be here, I am so excited. I cannot wait to get my hands dirty and feel the dirt between my fingers while I am planting and raising my own vegetables, herbs and some fruits. My uncle came down today and even tilled up my garden, it was such a nice surprise. He even made it alot bigger this year, here is a picture of my chickens enjoying the loose dirt and looking for bugs.

Another nice thing about spring is kidding season, it seems strange that it is over for us already because the kids are already all born and getting big and it is just now starting to get warm, but who knew that March would be so cold besides our Lord. Here are a few pics of the babies this year, they are getting so big.

Jane and Wednesday

CB and Clarice


 Goat kids are so much fun. I am bottle feeding Wednesday and Jane and they come running everytime they see me. I like to pretend it is because they love me and not because they want milk.

I noticed today that my strawberry plants are starting to peek through so I am planning to clear the old weeds and leaves out of them so that they have lots of room to grow. I love love love strawberries.

Another fun thing about spring is incubating eggs and hatching chicks. I just moved some of my chicks outside since it is getting warmer, they still get a heat lamp at night though. I also need to move them because I have lots of eggs in the incubator. Hoping I have a good hatch this time.

The last but not least of the animals being born this spring are the bunnies, arent they cuties?

Hoping everyone else is getting to enjoy this weather. Will update again soon.



  1. Thank you! I am having a hard time keeping my blog updated lately but I decided I am going to try and update daily every evening.