Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday ramblings

It has been rainy all day today so I did not spend much time outside. I cannot wait until it is nice out and I can get some more things planted in my garden. I have some spinach, potatoes and onions that are patiently waiting to get into the ground and then after we are out of danger of frost I have some tomato plants to put in the ground. The rest of the things I am planning on planting are still waiting to be bought at the local greenhouse. That my friends is a trip I cannot wait to make because that means summer is close. Since it was so wet out today and I was spending so much time inside I decided it would be a good time to get some pork and beans canned. It was nice to get some canning done I haven't done any in awhile. Here is a picture of my beautiful beans. I only got to make 8 pints because I ran out of lids. It seems like I am always running out of something I need. 

Yesterday my wonderful husband built me a moveable chicken pen. I know it doesn't look pretty but I love it!! It works great for letting the chickens move around without them being able to go into my neighbor's yard or get into my garden. We move it everyday so that they have fresh grass and they are not ruining the yard in places. He is such a great guy for doing this for me.

Another thing we did today was go to Sears to get my husband a new pair of shoes. While he was looking around I went to the women's department to see if they had anything on sale and they did!! They had their winter clearance and I got a flannel nightgown, a nice vest, and a blouse and skirt and the best news is that it was all $1.99 each. Cannot beat that!! Of course the original reason for us to be in town today was to get oil for the car and that was the only thing we didn't come home with but I still consider it a success. Hope everyone had a nice Sunday. Blessings to you all!


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