Saturday, July 6, 2013

sewing machine blues

This is my sewing machine. Just look at her sitting there all nice and pretty, innocent looking also. Well don't let her fool you my friend! This machine is possessed! I spent hours cleaning and oiling and reading the user manual to learn just how to use her so that she would finally be nice to me and for a couple minutes she was just that, nice, but then after I decided I had done enough test runs on a scrap piece of cloth and put my project into her, she ate my material!! Literally! I had to pull and cut and cry just to get my piece of material out of the bottom of the machine! So, I once again cleaned her up all nice and pretty and was about to start over again but then I realized that if she ate my material again I was not so sure what I would do. There were 4 windows nearby and I might just throw her through one and seeing how none of them were open I did not think that would be good for the machine or the window so I decided to put the cover on her and try again today after we both have had time to calm down. I am hoping that this evening after my nephew's wedding we will be able to sit down and come to some kind of understanding because I really am excited about the project I am doing right now if only I could get my machine to be just as excited and help me out. 

Have a blessed Saturday everyone!!



  1. I also have a problem machine. It was brand new and I used it maybe 1 hour sewing time and now ???? It's good that you didn't throw it through the window! :) So what's the project or are you not telling?

  2. I am also very glad I did not throw it through the window. :) I am working on some sachets to sell and I am also working on some hand puppets for my niece for Christmas. I am excited about getting them both done. I am going to try and work on them some more tomorrow.