Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aaaaa aloe!!

I bought an aloe plant last year on clearance. It was only a couple dollars because it was almost dead and I dont think they wanted to care for it anymore. The plant did survive even though it is ugly as all get out and it was starting to get out of hand so today I decided to extract some aloe from it.

Here is the ugly ugly plant. It definitely gets no points for looks. Now, to get that ugliness out of your mind here is a picture of my handsome son with my full of cuteness grandson.

Ok, now back to the aloe. First, I had to cut off a leaf of the aloe plant at the base of the leaf.

Cut the end off and then cut the leaf into 3 pieces, I cut some of them into 4 because they were huge!

Next, you cut the sides off and carefully cut the top off in a thin layer trying to only get the green layer. I have heard that you can eat the aloe and that the aloe in the middle is tasteless and the green part is bitter. I do not know the reason for eating it, I figure it must have some kind of medicinal value but have not discovered that yet. I only use it for topical purposes now. I am planning to learn about natural remedies so I may know the use for aloe before long. Oops, I am rambling, here is pic of cutting sides.

Now, scoop the insides out with with a spoon. BEWARE, the aloe is very slimy.

Lastly, put it in a container, preferrably a glass one and then viola! you have your aloe. Easy peasy!

Have a wonderful and blessed day and enjoy the many benefits of aloe. It is great for the skin, I use it on burns, including sunburn and sometimes just rub it in my hands to help keep them healthy.


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