Wednesday, February 20, 2013

cheese, crackers, yogurt and vinegar

I was in the mood for cheese and crackers the other day and like most stuff I had to make it if I wanted some, the crackers were successful and are sitting in my cupboard waiting for me to make some cheese because my last attempt was a flop. The culture was bad, it looked like it got wet somehow and was all stuck together in a big glob. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. The crackers came out nicely though and I will post my recipe on the recipes page. I will also share my cheese recipe there when I get around to making some more. One thing that I did a couple days ago was make yogurt and it was a big success, I was so excited. I made it in a slow cooker. I have tried making it a few times before but it always came out like milk but this time it thickened up nicely. What I really wanted to share with you today is about how I like to clean. Sometimes I do get out commercial cleaners but I dont like to, I really like my homemade cleaners. My favorite cleaner is to use lemon or orange scented vinegar cleaner. Whenever I use a lemon or eat an orange I put the peels into a quart sized mason jar and when it is full of peelings I pour vinegar into the jar and fill it to the top, then I let it sit on the counter for about 2 weeks. You will know the cleaner is ready because it will no longer smell like vinegar but will have a nice orange or lemon scent. Then you just dump it into a spray bottle and get to cleaning. I usually use half water half vinegar solution but you can use just the vinegar if you would like. I used to throw the peels away after this but then I learned that if you sprinkle some baking soda into the sink, you can use the vinegar covered peels to scrub the sink. It works great! and the peels stay good for a long time because of all that vinegar on it. So, get to scrubbing! Have a blessed day!

Strawberries in yogurt, yum!!

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