Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday goats

Today was a good day on the farm, one of those days that you think, this is why I do this. My daughter's pregnant doe Babylynn was getting very close to having her babies on Tuesday night so I went out and checked on her every hour or 2 and then set my alarm to get up every couple hours to check on her through the night. Of course she didnt have him until Wednesday afternoon. He is a big baby and she is a small doe so she had a hard time delivering him but momma and baby are both healthy. My daughter Caitlyn is his official owner because his momma is her goat. Caitlyn has decided to name him Wednesday because he was born on a Wednesday and this big boy weighed a whopping 10.4 pounds at birth! He is gonna be a big buck.

My chickens are starting to lay again, I got 6 eggs yesterday, I was so excited. I am planning on putting 30 eggs in the incubator this weekend. If it goes like last year then almost all 30 will hatch, lol. If I put only a few in it seemed like only 1 or 2 hatched so I put 23 in the last time I incubated and all but 2 hatched, it was crazy and loud with all of the chirping but this is my life and I love it. My chickens can drive me a little crazy too. I like to let them free range for at least a few hours a day and for some reason I have 2 chickens that will not willingly go into the chicken pen to roost. I have to go to the barn and get them and carry them back up to their own pen. Then again, maybe they are the only smart ones, there is more room in the barn.

My husband Doug got a procedure done on his back on Monday and we are praying that it worked and he will soon be without pain. He is still hurting now but we think that might be normal and it takes some time for the pain to go away. Your prayers would be appreciated. Doug doesnt do well with being sedated. He acts crazy for a few hours and then after he falls asleep, he will be his normal self when he awakens. One time after he was sedated for a test on his back he saw so many deer on the way home, the only problem is that he is the only one who sees them, lol. This time it took longer then it usually does for him to fall asleep after we got home and I think it might be because he was laying on the couch saying "I cant let myself go to sleep". Well, it is time to go milk the goats so hoping everyone has a blessed day!


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